The Ten Commandments for Parents

Can we get an Amen or an Alleluia?

Can we get an Amen or an Alleluia?
Think this about sums up the Ten Commandments for Parents!
  • Thou shalt know all the answers to questions that start with– but why?
  • Thou shalt always show delight for artistic creations by your kids
  • Thou shalt never have a sleep in/ lie in again
  • Thou shalt never pee alone again
  • Thou shalt never have an interrupted phone call
  • Thou shalt never experience an entire hot cup or tea or coffee
  • Thou shalt never see the end of a washing basket
  • Thou shalt never flush the toilet when the kids are sleeping
  • Thou shalt never have a crumbless floor
  • Thou shalt never stop loving the pleasure these 10 Commandments bring you!

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