The secrets a mum will never tell her kids

Mothers have lots of secrets and ones that her children will never know. 

Mothers have lots of secrets and ones that her children will never know. A mother will protect her children from her own worries and ensure the kids are always well-cared for. Here are some of the things a mother will never tell her children…
  • She cries alone at times- She will get sad but rather than let her children know or see her tears she will do it in private. It could be that she is worrying for her parents or about her relationship. Mam’s may not have time to meet friends to share their problems and they may bottle things up without letting anyone in to help them.
  • She is lonely- Mammies get lonely even when they are surrounded by the kids sometimes they will miss adult conversation and that is perfectly understandable. Getting out is a big deal to a mammy as it doesn’t happen often but to help with feelings of loneliness it is vital.
  • She gets exhausted and emotional- Mam’s who are up all night with kiddies will become exhausted and emotional yet they will still run around trying to do it all. A mam will feel unable to ask for help though she should to avoid burning out.
  • She gets scared- While kids think their parents are superhuman we too get scared and mammies struggle with this especially if their child is ill or has a problem. Though a mam will not admit to their kiddie she will analyse everything and try to find a solution.
  • She misses her freedom but hates herself for it- All mams will miss their old life and it doesn’t mean she is a terrible mam instead she is only human. Mam’s miss seeing their friends when they like or having the freedom to travel anywhere they like. When you have kids, everything must be planned and it is a huge commitment but a rewarding one.
  • She feels your pain when you get hurt- When their kid gets hurt no matter how trivial it will break a mams heart and she will feel every ounce of pain too. She may blame herself for not protecting their kid or try to avoid them ever hurting themselves again but that is nearly impossible.
  • She fears her love for you- Loving someone so much is scary especially when you are a parent you fear everything your child does in life. What ifs are a normal part of a mothers thinking. Anything can happen yet to let your kids live a good and normal life they need to be allowed to do things themselves. Therefore, it is so scary for a parent as it is out of their control in some cases.
  • She doesn’t and will never have all the answers- Kids ask so many questions and they expect their mam to know it all but there is no way you can ever know everything. Luckily google helps but a mam will try her very best to always help their kid and give them the answers they need in life.
Mammies have secrets to protect their kids and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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