The realities of having children very close in age.

Having children close in age has it pros and its cons

Having children close in age has it pros and its cons which makes it a fun filled fest to say the least! People often say that the kids will raise themselves but it isn’t true and of course the raising is done by you (the parent!) Here are the realities of having children close in age just in case you were ever in any doubt?!
  • Caffeine induced energy- No parent can have two kids under three and not be addicted to coffee as it is pretty much a given! Coffee is the component that will keep you awake in times of the mad mornings and sleepless nights. Oh, hail coffee!
  • Sleepless nights- You may be lucky and have two kids who sleep well or ones that don’t sleep at all and this makes life difficult. If one wakes up during the night the other will follow suit and you will drag yourself around like the hero that you are! Well done you!
  • Questions after questions- If you had a fiver for every time someone utters the words “Are they twins?” or “You work, quick, don’t you?” Yes, it is very funny but whether I did or didn’t plan my close in age children is quite honestly nothing to do with you! Move along strange judgemental person there is no room here for you and your comments.
  • Pregnant for 18 months in two years- Being pregnant for nine months is hard enough never mind 18 months in less than two years yet here we are! It may have been ages since you felt a normal weight or haven’t had a nursing bra on but we struggle on anyway. 
  • Babysitter struggles- Finding a babysitter for one kid is hard enough never mind for two children under the age of three. The prospective babysitters face drops when she realises the extent of your children and while she says “They are so cute!” Something tells me you will never see her again!
  • Siblings friendship- Siblings close together will be the best of pals and they will always have each other’s back which is quite sweet! They will share clothes and toys though they might argue at times along with that. The friendship should extend into the teenage years and beyond hopefully.
  • Messy home- There is no way you are going to have a lovely clean home with two close in age kids around the house. It is just utterly impossible! No sooner will you have cleaned one area of the house will the mini monsters run amok leaving the sitting room upside down with toys and games strewn everywhere.
  • Bedtime madness- Bedtime is probably one of the hardest times of day sure your kids need constant cuddles and a huge amount of drinks or food. One will want milk and the other will demand water while they escape their rooms running around the hall. If you are lucky you’ll have them settled by midnight.
The joys! (PS I wouldn't have it any other way!)

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