The importance of child free time- 5 reasons why you've got to have it!

Every parent needs a little time out to rest, have fun and come back refuelled

It was recentlyreported that a couple sent their child to her Grandparents every weekend so the woman and her partner could get some child free time and as a result the woman said it improved her marriage. While I agree with child free time I think it is impossible for most of us parents to be apart from our children 'that' frequently but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it now and again.
Everyone needs time away to rest, have fun and come back refuelled so here is the reasons (if you needed any) you should get away and have some child free time as it is so important.
  • Bonding with other family members for your kids-Kids should be able to build bonds with other family members other than their parents and siblings. Not only is it good for your children but it is good for their grandparents too to spend time with the kiddies now and again. It enables your child to have back up people in their life and when they may feel they cannot talk to you they may decide to open up to other members of your extended family.
  • Builds independence for your child- Children need to be able to be independent and not rely on you for everything in life, it may sound mean but it actually isn’t. Kids should feel happy away from their parents and independent enough to stay with others and feel comfortable. You cannot be with your kiddies every second of every day so leaving them the odd time will gain them some much needed independence.
  • Gives you time to recharge- You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling drained and in need of a break away from the kids as it doesn’t mean you love them any less. Having the time to rest can help you be a better parent and take the time to reflect on how things are at home. Now is the time to look at things in a calm environment and if something needs to change you and your partner can agree without disruptions.
  • Private time for you and your partner- Holding up a relationship isn’t easy with a clatter of kids around and sometimes you tend to forget each other along the way through no fault of your own. However, getting away together gives you some quality time, to remember the way things were pre kids, why you love each other so much and reminds you of the fun you have together. This will only enrich your relationship more, laughing is the best medicine and who doesn’t laugh like kids when free and having a great time?
  • Forget the responsibilities for a while-It doesn’t mean you aren’t a parent on your weekend away but you can forget about the routines at home. The match drop offs, the parties and the playdates and just have the time to relax and not worry about all the things that you normally have to do.

Child free time isn’t a bad thing, in fact it is the right thing for you, your partner and your family so why not consider a little sabbatical sometime soon?

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