The golden advice you don’t read in parenting books

Sometimes, it's what they leave OUT of the parenting books that you really need to know...

The golden advice you don’t read in parenting books
Sometimes, it's what they leave OUT of the parenting books that you really need to know.
While parenting books have their place, nothing beats connecting with another mum or dad who is on the front line, giving it to you straight. Regardless of their parenting style you can find someone a little further along in their parenting journey who’ll tell you what you need!
This article was inspired from a chat around a table on a recent mums night out I just went on. 
So out came my pen and paper to capture some of them!
*It was mutually agreed by all around that table that parenting without a sense of humour is like getting a root canal without an anesthetic! You've got to have one or it's a world of pain!
Here are some of the funniest anecdotes I took note of …
  • The later you are for something, the slower your children will move.
  • If a milk-filled sippy cup is lost, drop everything and find it. Two day old spilled milk don't smell well!
  • You won’t go to the toilet by yourself for the first three years and after that they’ll stand outside and ask you what you’re doing
  • If it's annoying at the toy shop, it will be even more so at home.
  • Never serve rice (or shredded cheese) if you've just hoovered the floor. 
  • If they love a particular food today, the same may not hold true for tomorrow.
  • Never, ever leave a marker unattended.
  • When taking a photo, the moment one child smiles is always the same moment another one blinks.
  • Put folded laundry away immediately — because easier than refolding it.
  • The later you go to bed at night, the earlier your baby will wake up in the morning.
  • Don't expect kids to take you seriously when you say, "Just this once."
  • Same goes for "Five more minutes". This means anything but five more minutes.
  • The moment you've realised your children are quiet is a moment too late. Be afraid!
  • If you say something bad about someone, your little angle will find an opportunity to blurt it out!
  • Traveling spouses/partners and sick kids go hand in hand.
  • When your child says "I feels sick," you have exactly 3 seconds to jump to attention!
  • The day you leave without any extra nappies is the day you will need them the most.
  • When it comes to your children, Dr. Google never helps.
  • As far as birthdays are concerned, there must always be cake. It’s no ones’ birthday unless there is a cake!
  • Never wear white. Ever!
  • The minute you figure the tricks of parenting, everything changes.
All this aside…
The overwhelming love that comes with becoming a parent makes everything else pale in comparison. And while it’s something that can’t really be described, there will be moments where you feel so in love that your heart feels like it’s going to explode. That’s when I hug the hell out of my sons and I can feel their squirmy body saying, ‘enough already Mum!’

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