Teaching your child some responsibility.

Responsibility is such an important thing for your child to learn not only for their own safety but for that of the people they spend their time with.

Children are all completely different meaning that if one of your kids is responsible it doesn’t necessarily mean your other kids will be too. Responsibility is such an important thing for your child to learn not only for their own safety but for that of the people they spend their time with. While some kids will have natural responsibility, others must be taught and shown how to learn it so with that in mind here are a few ways to teach your child responsibility…
  • Be responsible yourself- If you are somewhat reckless or accident prone your child may pick up on your tendencies and exhibit irresponsible behaviour. Children will copy their parents so if you want a child to behave responsibly you must show them how you act responsibly and go from there. If you are someone who cancels doctor appointments or you don’t show up when it is your turn to care for your elderly parents your child will copy you, so be a good role model and be true to your word.
  • Gradually build their independence and responsibilities- Start small with your child and let them walk into school alone from the safety of the school gate, eventually you may let them walk from outside the gate if you can still see them walking in. Let your child show you they can be responsible and go from a to b without messing, this is the only way they can prove to you they are responsible. 
  • Let them take charge and do things themselves- Many parents now do “helicopter” parenting meaning they do everything for their child and don’t allow them to be independent. It isn’t the best way to teach your child responsibility and you should let your kid do things for themselves. Your child can tidy their own room, they can help prepare dinner and they can put on some wash cycle and sort clothes afterwards.
  • Give opportunities to show their responsibly side- You don’t have to do big things to let your child show their responsible side but you can let them take care of their sibling if you are busy doing dinner. You can let them take care of their own homework entrusting in them that they will ask for help if they need it.
  • Challenge your child and let them make mistakes- Letting your child show some responsibility may not always go according to plan and your nipper may make mistakes along the way but that is to be expected. Challenge your child with chores and see how they respond to challenges and still come out of it well after being responsible.
  • Be supportive and don’t criticise- If your child does make mistakes getting angry and criticising will not help your child. Responsibility takes time and will be learned through time and efforts on both your parts.
  • Believe in your child- You must believe in your child and trust them for a sense of responsibility in your child to work in the years ahead. Accept mistakes, move on and have your child’s back if they need you. The rest will come in time.

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