Teach your kids this cool 30 second 'tie their own shoelace' trick

This is a brilliant way to teach your kids how to tie their own shoelaces

Learning to tie their own shoelaces can be quite a difficult fine motor skill for young kids.
To help them here are a few helpful shoe tying tips for parents (nearly got tongue tied typing that!) and a cool video that they can watch.
  • Make sure your child is developmentally ready to learn shoe tying, usually around aged five -six.
  • If your child gets frustrated, take a break for a little while and then try again. Velcro shoes are readily available in shoes for kids age 5-6 so it is still an option, so don’t pressure.
  • Practice other fine-motor skill activities like nuts & bolts, monkey bars, and doing puzzles.
  • Practice tying something physically bigger first, like tying a jump rope around a large object - like a tree!
  • Use different colour shoe laces, so kids see the steps more easily.
  • Sit behind your child while tying their shoes so they can see from their view how it is done.
Here's a cool video we found and with this technique they could be mastering the art earlier than you expect!

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