Surviving hosting your child’s slumber party.

We have some tips on the whole process and hopefully it enables you and your child to enjoy the party!

As your children get older play dates can become less frequent and your kids start requesting slumber parties
It can be quite hard to decide if it is a good idea as hosting a slumber party is not easy with a load of kids running around and getting them to go asleep can be a real battle. We have some tips on surviving the whole process and hopefully it enables you and your child to enjoy the party!
  • Get to know the kids beforehand- Before you decide definitely on the guest list take the time to get to know the kid’s your nipper wants to have come overnight. Observe the kids behaviour and note if they are difficult or moody as having them for a few hours is nothing compared to overnight so if they are a nightmare for a few hours imagine what the kid will be like overnight?!
  • Start small- Don’t dive in and invite 6 kids without ever having kids stayover in smaller numbers, allow your kid to have friends overnight but tell them you have to start small and see how it goes. Start with one friend and build up from there, try keep to even numbers so it avoids anyone feeling left out.
  • Talk to your child- It is all well and good your kid wanting to have lots of friends sleeping overnight but is your child able to host? Some kids don’t like being the centre of attention and struggle to entertain others and complain of being bored, if this happens maybe your child isn’t ready just yet for a slumber party.
  • Talk to the parents of the kids invited over- Tell the parents of your plan for the evening, give them a time to drop off (late afternoon is best) and a time in the morning to collect. Ask parents if there is anything you need to know about their child for example if a kid has allergies or medicines to take before bed. Obviously swap phone numbers and tell the parents you will call if there are any problems, as there is usually one kid that will get homesick so be prepared for that too!
  • Select the right day- The weekend is the obvious choice but whether it is a Friday or a Saturday that is up to you and what suits all the family best. In some cases it is best to get it over with on a Friday night as you have Saturday and Sunday to catch up on rest after a mad night. Make sure you consult other family members and offer them an alternative plan for the slumber night as they may feel uncomfortable with so many kids around and wish to stay in relatives.
  • Go through the rules with all the children- Don’t feel guilty for running through the dos and don’ts of the slumber party as it is your home after all. Some basic ground rules are fine, and be clear about bedtime and when lights out is. Remember in the digital age that kids will be texting and snapping to others so maybe put a ban on it as it may upset other kids who weren’t invited getting messages of others showing off.
  • Have the evening planned but be willing to alter it- You and your child may have made plans for the kids that evening but accept that not everything goes to plan and be flexible. The main thing is that everyone has fun no matter what they are doing.
  • Check them before bed and tell them to go asleep- It is inevitable that you will have to go into the kids and remind them of the rules regarding bedtime. The most you can hope for is that they will be quiet at least so that they don’t disturb you or anyone else in the house.
  • Throw out a quick breakfast and pack them off! - Don’t try to be all fancy with breakfast as you will be exhausted after a long night, and the kids will be too! Get some grub into them and get the kids to pack away their things so that they are ready to go straight away on their parent’s arrival!
May the force be with you!


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