Survival tips for single parents.

Parenting is hard enough but single parenting can be so much tougher. Single parents need to be applauded. 

Parenting is hard enough but single parenting can be so much tougher. Single parents need to be applauded.
Lots of parents are in a marriage / long term relationship and have a partner/ co parent to help/co raise children. There are lots of parents who are raising their kids alone and in some cases there are single parents who have their kids on alternate weekends- and while that gives them a break the other parent must manage for days alone. At Family Friendly H.Q we recognise the tough but great job of the single parent. We spoke to some single parents and here are some of their own personal 'survival' tips.
  • Look after yourself and you will be a better parent. Obviously your kids are your uttermost priority but don’t forget you need looking after too. Your children need a happy and healthy parent especially as you are parenting alone so make sure you aren’t forgotten.
  • Get rest and eat well. Make a promise to yourself that you will eat healthily with the youngsters and rest once the tots are in the land of nod. Relax on the sofa and watch T.V or read a book, and head off to bed with a clear mind.
  • Try and take in a daily walk or exercise. The kids will love the exercise too and it means you get out in the fresh air and hopefully this will help you unwind. While the kids are in school or in bed you could do a bit of exercising at home, there are plenty of fitness DVDs and the results will give you extra confidence.
  • Join groups for single parents or even start one. The community centre is a good place to look for any groups for single parents, and if there isn’t any, would you think about starting one? There are plenty of like-minded people out there that are in the same situation as yourself and supporting each other is a great way to build friendships.
  • Don’t be a martyr and if it's offered- let family help you. If family offer to help you and take the nippers off for a while or overnight take the opportunity to have a night off. Dust off the glam gear and get a few of your best mates together and hit the town, enjoy the freedom for a while as tomorrow it will be back to parenting duties.
  • Keep order at home-don’t be bullied by the little ones. It's possible for it to become the norm for the kids to stay up late and become your friends as such. Remember they are your kids and sure give them a few hours in the evening to sit down with you but have set time for bed. You certainly don’t want a situation where the kids rule the roost and maybe your situation will change and then it will be a hard habit to get the offspring into a routine for some adult company in the evening.
  • Try be on good terms with your Ex and don’t bad mouth them to your kids. It is of no benefit for your children to hear ill about their Dad. It could upset them deeply. If you want to vent do it with an adult friend who's a good listner.
  • If you are ready, consider to start dating and enjoy some adult company. The time may come when you are going to want to date again and get out to meet people. This is ok and dating is enjoyable- just air on the side of caution and don’t introduce your kids to your new partner early on in the relationship. Make sure to be discreet and not have your youngsters meet someone on the landing in the morning! Consider talking to your ex-partner before you do tell your children about any serious relationship to avoid conflicts.
Remember you are doing a great job, and give yourself a pat on the back. You are a single parent and be proud of the job 'you' are doing x

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