Surprises of Motherhood

There are some things that the pregnancy and new parent books don't tell you.

​No matter how much you research parenthood beforehand, nothing can prepare you fully for being a Mother until you are one. There are many things that you just 'wont get' until you experience them them yourself. Here are our top list of surprises and joys of motherhood.
  • That you can feel a sense of pride that you could never have imagined. Like when they achieve their first 10 out of 10 in a spelling test, or shoot their first goal.
  • Suddenly you understand the phrase ‘time flies’ because it actually does. 
  • On an average morning you will turn off your (already limited shower) 3 times to listen for kids crying or fighting.
  • Even if you were not an emotional person pre motherhood, you will cry..alot.
  • You put the needs of other little people far ahead of yours. Even the basics like eating and going to the loo!
  • Pre 8pm each evening, you will never have an uninterrupted phone conversation again.
  • You come accustomed to cold coffee.
  • No matter how much you love to go shopping for yourself, you will always end up in a kids clothes department to have a browse.
  • The dynamic of your relationship with your partner will change.
  • You feel guilty. It might be because you work outside the home, you couldn’t pick up that new book they wanted, you don’t spend enough quality time with them. The list is endless. 
  • You gain a buddy in the bathroom.
  • You care a lot less about superficial things. 
  • Your body is just never the same again!
  • You love someone else more than you ever imagined was possible.
Are we missing any?

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