Summer's Over: 11 reasons why we're DELIGHTED that it's Autumn

There are lots of reasons to love Autumn, like all of these...

Summer was great. It's a lot of people's favourite season. And yes, the evenings are now getting darker and there's a chill in the air, but we secretly can't wait to start getting all cosy in a BIG way. Fire, cup of scalding tea, fluffy socks… that's basically our perfect night!
Here are just a few of the reasons we're excited to embrace Autumn in all its leafy glory…
  • Fall fashion! Beautiful boots, thick knits and cosy coats. It’s time to give the credit card an Autumn work out. There's some great Autumn sales on right now!
  • Crunching through golden leaves in your wellies – there’s nothing more satisfying!
  • Cosy nights in front of the fire cannot be beaten. Autumn TV schedules always feature great new shows AND of course, the old reliables like The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing!
  • If it’s a wet weekend you can indulge in movie afternoons guilt free.
  • The run up to Christmas! Let’s face it; it’s often better than the day itself.
  • Summer evenings are about lazing in the garden with a bottle of beer and a barbeque, when the dark nights set in it’s time to step things up a gear and plan a proper night out.
  • There’s no need to apply sun lotion and pasty limbs can be covered up with long sleeves and thick black tights or trousers.
  • New make up colours in the shops! It’s time to switch your shadow from shimmering to sultry with purples, browns and blacks.
  • Getting more snuggles off the kids! Everyone’s more open to cuddling when you’re chilly rather than hot and sticky.
  • Halloween! Get planning those costumes now and make this year’s the best yet!
  • The clocks go back and we get an extra hour in bed! Enough said!

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