Something Different: We Love These Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to show your mum just how much you love her. 

Mother’s Day is March 31st, 2019. A day where we get to sit back and not do the gift buying and card writing for once. Or, if you're anything like me I like to leave very big hints for my husband as to what I would like! After all, we deserve a token of appreciation for all our hard work!
Mother’s Day is a time to let the mum in your life know how much you love her. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your own mum, your mother in law or simply want to notch up some brownie points at home than look no further.
We have a variety of great and affordable Mother’s Day gifts that every mum will love.
Newbridge Silverware: 
1. Memory Lane
Keep memories alive with this beautiful collection of lockets by Newbridge Silverware. The locket opens up and can hold a precious photograph inside, the perfect way to keep precious memories close to her heart! €70.

2. For The Coffee Fiend 
If the mum in your life loves to entertain or is simply a coffee fiend, then opt for the silver-plated coffee warmer. This silver plated 10 cup coffee warmer with a protective anti tarnish layer, consists of a silver-plated holder with a glass coffee warmer, silver plated lid and handle, tea light included. €75.
Voya is a beautiful Irish brand. VOYA is a journey that began in 1912 when the first seaweed baths opened in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. Seaweed bathing is a 300-year-old tradition and Ireland's only indigenous therapy. VOYA are committed to using only natural and non-toxic ingredients.
They combine the purest ingredients with ancient traditions and sustainable processes to create a range of products and treatments that achieve exceptional results.

1. Scented Candle
Sensuous, calming, subtle and sweet, this luxury scented candle evokes instant tranquillity and a sense of relaxation. This soothing fragrance will help to de-stress and settle a racing mind €27.

2. Bath Oil
The deeply soothing power of lavender and rose geranium blended with wild Irish seaweed will help settle both the body and mind, leading to a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep. 
  • Calms and Soothes Dry and Tired Skin
  • The restorative power of wild Irish seaweed works to nourish and replenish skin. 
  • Essential oils, including Lavender & Geranium, help to relax and unwind before bedtime €39
As a society, I think we are all learning a lot more about the benefits of natural, especially deodorant. This is a fantastic alternative. Formulated by an Irish doctor, Indeora is a new and innovative healthy magnesium spray deodorant.
1. Deodrant
It is free from all forms of aluminium, synthetic fragrances and propellants traditionally found in high street antiperspirants. Scented with natural coconut oils, it smells beautifully refreshing, providing up to 24-hour natural odour protection. It’s available to buy direct on www.indeora.comfor €19.95.

Luan, another small Irish business who craft unique handmade pieces imbued with spiritual balance, empowerment and simplicity. Luan’s stunning jewellery and self-care products help you connect with your own power. For all the essentials needed for setting your intentions on the lunar cycle and manifesting your dreams, visit
Necklace: €169
Facial Roller: €28

Frank and Flo

Small startup business Frank and Flo offer personalised items that every mum needs in her life! Frank and Flo have some beautiful personalized items to choose from. My favourite being their personalised milk bottles. Perfect if you are a mum on slimming world and have to measure your daily allowance of milk. Also, a fantastic idea for any mums that use a dairy alternative to milk and often bring it out and about.

Frank and Flo also offer personalised cleaning spray bottles. Another must-have for any modern mum or fan of Mrs.Hinch! To see more of what’s on offer you can check it out here.

Water bottle spray: €5.06

Milk bottle: €5.42

A small Irish business Mome sells the most beautiful and inspiring gratitude cards. Life is all about how we deal with things and that is how MoMe was born. These beautiful gratitude cards create straight forward messages that are tangible; that you can stick anywhere you think you will see them. One on the mirror of your bedroom, one on your dressing table, one as a bookmark. Place one anywhere you think you will notice it. Watch how it gives you a little lift each time you read it. Prices range from €10 to €24.99.

Now more than ever we know the small changes we all need to make for more sustainable living. Reuzi is a small Irish business, and their mission is to offer customers an online platform to discuss alternative solutions and to create new habits. They source a range of top quality reusable products that will positively impact the way we live our daily lives and the way we treat our planet.

Why not get a mum you love a reusable coffee cup or a biodegradable cutlery set? See more of what they have to offer here

Laura Doyle, Mum of 4. Kyle 9, Noa Belle 4, Briar 2 and Milla 12 months. Breastfeeder, co-sleeper, coffee drinker. Staying positive and inspired by the chaos of it all. Follow her on Instagram at

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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