Slow down and enjoy the kids more on the weekends!

In years to come will the kids remember they had a super clean home? Eh no!

It’s the weekend! Yey! 
It was a long week right? If you were home with the kids all week your stress levels may be through the roof by now? However heading into the weekend let’s be positive! Ok, ok I get you, there are piles of washing to be done, dusting, hovering, mopping, and the dog needs a bath too. I’m exhausted already thinking about it!
I personally am guilty of sometimes not showing as much interest in my children on the weekends as I should do; not intentionally you understand? I’m just so darn busy during the week and by the time it’s the weekend I have so many tasks to do (even with a brilliant partner helping). I put these mundane chores first. I’m ashamed to say I’m one of those cleaning freak types, rushing about sparkling up my home and for what? Who actually really cares anyway?
In years to come will the children (when chatting about their childhood) tell their friends they had a super clean home? Eh I bet not! Will they remember I spent two hours cleaning the bathroom or that their bedrooms were always picture perfect?
The truth is they don’t care about those things and what they really want is for me to spend time with them, after a long week of school, crèche/ childminders or playing in the field with their mates, they want their parents- it really is that simple! 
So this weekend, I’m taking a time out, a sabbatical if you will! I’m going to hang up my silly superwoman cape and focus on what has to be done and not do the additional tasks that no one urgently needs done anyway. Enjoy time with the family -vital, clean the microwave no no no!!
Our family resolution this year was that we were going to slow things down, and go at my youngest one’s pace (who always hates been rushed). I’m so busy rushing to get dressed, get them dressed, get to the shops and hurry home. The objective can still be done, just at a different pace.
I have a few emails to send and a couple of phone calls to but once that’s done, the phone is going on silent and all my attention will be on my family.
After a very hard day last Monday I got home and my daughter was excitedly telling me something that admittedly I was paying no attention to. I had my phone in one hand emailing for work purposes (in my defence these were important work emails) and she got so upset telling me I wasn’t listening. I apologised and told her it was work, but the damage was done, she didn’t want to tell me her news which was that she got full marks in her test. I saw that for myself later…
I was with her physically but I wasn’t present or mindful of her feelings, and we all know being ignored is horrible. I am her Mammy and I let her down, it didn’t matter later when I said well done and told her how proud I was- the moment had passed.
Sometimes we have to change our whole mentality to “you are doing your best” and not expect everything to get done. Instead of wondering “what did I do today as our house is a mess?”- realise that you sat with your children and played, connected with them and laughed together. Time will pass, days will come and go and your children will grow older and flee the nest. When they go do you want to be remembered for having the tidiest home or for having a happy home?
I know which one I choose, it is a shame it took me so long to realise.
So this weekend I’m enjoying my kids... my beautiful family who I adore and if you do come to visit- just close your eyes in the bathroom!


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