Reasons why your child might be misbehaving.

Every child misbehaves from time to time but if it is happening more often than not you probably need to consider why it is happening

Every child misbehaves from time to time but if it is happening more often than not you probably need to consider why it is happening and what you can do to get back on track with your child.
Here are a few reasons why your child might be misbehaving and a few tips on how best to handle the situation.
  • Inconsistency- Your child might be misbehaving because of inconsistency on your part and your child’s other main caregivers. It could be a case that your idea of guidance in regards to good behaviour isn’t the same as your child’s caregiver so it is always good to discuss punishment and rules with your child’s main caregiver as consistency is key and you will find your child behaves better if you work together as a team.
  • Doesn’t understand the rules- As a parent or a minder you must be clear with children and explain appropriate and inappropriate behaviour to ensure they know the rules. Explaining to your child is vital in a way that they can understand fully how best to behave properly.
  • Wants attention- What better way than to get a parent’s attention than misbehaving and causing a scene?! Kids will be bold to get attention even though it is the wrong kind of attention! Ensure you are spending some time with your kiddie and catching up daily on their little lives, sometimes a child just wants to be heard but life is busy so it is easy to forget to stop and listen but you must for your child’s sake.
  • Is ill, tired or hungry? – If your child is showing signs of been ill that could be why they are misbehaving and doing it because they are feeling miserable and want to lash out. Equally if your child is tired or hungry they will be crankier thus.
  • Copying others behaviour- Some children will mirror others behaviour so if your child has started school/crèche recently it could be a case of copying others kiddies behaviour thinking it is acceptable. If you are a moody person who flies off the handle easily your child could be following your example. Remember your child learns from those around them and the behaviour they exhibit is usually mirrored from others so be the best example to your child. If it is the case that your little one could be learning from the crèche or camp or another facility, you need to explain to your child that while others may behave like that it isn’t how you want your child to behave.
  • Asserting their authority- Children will want to assert their authority and be the boss wherever possible but that doesn’t mean you let them! While they will want to flex their independence muscles it is up to you to keep them on firm ground and guide them. Avoid rewarding bad behaviour to keep your child quiet or go back on your word once you have decided on a suitable punishment.
Kids will always misbehave but it shouldn’t become a habit or it might lead to bigger issues in the future x

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