Reasons why kids should read more.

6 simple reasons why it's so important

All kids should be reading on a regular basis... and not just when in school but at home too instead of  just video games or the T.V. Technology has allowed us all to become lazier than our predecessors and while there is nothing wrong with using devices, reading is vitally important for kids!
Here are a few reasons why kids should
  • Reading improves vocabulary and a child’s speech as by reading or being read to they are learning how to speak properly and use their words correctly rather than slang. This can only help them with their ability to use words correctly and their grammar in the long run.
  • Reading saves energy and it costs very little if it entertains your children for a good few hours in one sitting. Compared to the price of video games, movies and apps for tablets it is actually a cheaper option. It saves energy in the home as there aren’t devices plugged in all over the place and a book can be lent to someone and used over and over.
  • Reading allows kids to create lands from their imagination and visualize worlds that otherwise couldn’t be visited like stories about dinosaurs, space and rain forests. Of course there are amazing films out there with incredible effects but the thoughts of a child are more creative than any movie could ever be, and using their imagination can propel them anywhere at any time.
  • They can learn a huge amount from books, morals and manners to name only a few as a book always has a deep meaning and sets an example for young readers. Which in this day and age when manners can be forgotten when kids are stuck into tablets and forget to engage with the world around them.
  • Reading is fun when the little ones are searching for information for an assignment or a project at school, of course you could use google but isn’t it lovely to get out the encyclopaedia and do researching old style! You can play games and race to find the answers as quickly as possible and once the book is open you will find their interest is piqued and they will look to find out more facts about the world because it is right there at their fingertips.
  • Reading can help children become better writers and have faster recognition of words which will benefit them in the later years when they have to read exam papers quickly and write essays. It will help them spell better and learn new words easily and to be a great writer you need to be a good reader so who knows one day your little one might be a writer!
So tonight why not take out the books, and get them reading?

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