Reasons to be glad your kids are close in age.

A popular parenting question is when is the right time to have another child?

One of the most asked questions regarding child rearing and parenting is when is the right time to have another child and should you wait a few years till your first born is a little older? 
There are a huge amount of advantages to having kiddies close together and sure it is hard work, tiring and stressful at times but isn’t that the way parenting is anyway? Here are few reasons why you should be glad you had your nippers so close together and I am sure there are plenty more to add.
  • There is plenty of baby stuff around the house already and even if your second child is the opposite sex it is only a matter of changing colours of sheets and blankets for the baby’s bed. There will be lots of vests, sleep suits, and other little clothes for your new baby and nothing will go to waste.
  • The nippers will like the same things and play the same games, watch the same shows and listen to the same nursery rhymes. There will be no fighting over the T.V as they both will enjoy similar shows and will laugh and sing along together which will allow you to do some housework in peace.
  • They will happily share a room for a few years at least so if space is an issue it won’t be with your closely bonded kiddies. Even if one likes pink and the other adores blue you can paint half and half of the room to keep them both happy and let them keep their own side as they like.
  • They will learn to share from a young age and learn new things from each other. Any kiddie with a little sibling will be gentle and will be well used to sharing and this will give them an advantage when they start school. Also having a closely aged sibling means they will be going to school a year apart and they will be able to help each other and be friends in the school yard as well as at home.
  • They will always have entertainment and will never be bored as they have their own little pal/sibling around to keep them occupied. They will of course have little arguments or disagreements but that is totally normal when you are living with someone.
  • They will be best friends and allies in every sense of the word and this will give you great comfort as they get older. Years from now they will be going to discos and hanging out with friends and won’t it be lovely to see your two youngsters minding each other and having each other’s back? The oldest will be only a few steps ahead of your second child and time will go unbelievably fast as you watch them grow and enter new phases in their lives.
Siblings usually are mates for life anyway but with having two so close in age it will really cement their bond and stay with them for years and years (in my opinion!)
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