Reasons it is good to Wake Up Before Your Children Do

We all love our sleep, however there are lots of advantages to getting up before your kids

We all love our sleep, and complain that we don’t get enough of it. So why are we encouraging your to start your day early? Well because when you have children, there are many benefit in getting a few less zzz’s and here’s a few of them.
  • Start Your Day the way you want to. Wouldn’t it feel great to get up, have a shower and start the day on your terms instead of waking up to a smelly nappy in your face! When you wait until your kids wake, you are on the back foot and start your day on the back foot.
  • It is an opportunity to have some ‘me’ time. How nice would it be to sit with a cup of coffee and look at the morning news or paint your nails, do some exercise or do whatever it is you want to do for yourself, even if it is just using the bathroom! 
  • It will take less than half the time to get your household chores done without children following you around undoing everything you have just done! If you divide your chores over the mornings of the week, you could end up with a lot more spare time on your hands during the day as a result.
  • If you are prepared yourself before your kids wake, you will enjoy your mornings more with your children. You won’t be rushing around trying to find clean uniforms, make lunches and generally chasing your tail. You will also be in better form as you have had your shower and me time and are ready to start your day
  • As you have more time, you might even enjoy some quality time with your kids, reading a book or doing a puzzle before school or work. It’s nice to even be able to sit down and have breakfast and a conversation with them.


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