Raising Strong Kids: How To Encourage Children To Reach Their Full Potential

Raising mentally strong children not only prepares them for adulthood but it also prepares them for the challenges of the world

Raising mentally strong children not only prepares them for adulthood but it also prepares them for the challenges of the world. They can confidently tackle problems, bounce back better from failure and also cope easier with hardships. 
Mental strength is not about acting tough and not showing emotions. It's not about being unkind or arrogant. Instead, it’s about being resilient and having the courage and confidence to reach their full potential. Here are some tips to help raise your little one mentally strong.
Let them make mistakes 
As miniscule as this may sound this is a really important tip. Teach your child that mistakes are a part of life. Teach them that it is all part of the learning process, so they don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed if they make a mistake or get something wrong. Talk about it with them. Talk about what happened and how to learn from it. 
Teach your child Self-Love
It's hard for little ones to feel mentally strong if they’re always predicting negative outcomes or putting themselves down. Big them up. Help them to build up their confidence. Encourage them to have a realistic yet optimistic outlook on all aspects of life. Watch it change their little life. 
Encourage them to face their fears
If your little one avoids anything that makes them anxious they will never gain the confidence to face feeling uncomfortable. Help your child face their fears one small step at a time. Cheer them on, praise their efforts and most importantly reward them for being so brave and stepping out of their comfort zone. 
Make Gratitude a Priority
Gratitude is an excellent remedy for self-pity and any other bad habits that prevent your child from being mentally strong. Help your child affirm all the good in the world and in their life. So even on bad days, they can see the good too. One thing I do with my little ones at dinner time is to talk about the peak and a pit of their day. It helps them to see even if there is bad in every day there is always some good too. 
Written by Laura Doyle. Laura is a 29-year old mother of four who blogs at  Love, Life and Little Ones.

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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