Raising Girls: Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice?

13 things all mums need to know

Raising Girls: Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice?
Girls usually start off life at full steam. They're the early talkers, the social butterflies, the cheeky madams, the shoe and make up stealers and the one's that often worry us the most. Let's be honest- raising girls can be a challenge on the best of days. Here are some great lessons in raising daughters for today and the tricky years ahead
  • Drama Queens: The day's not right without something being thrown, something being slammed and someone being yelled at.
  • They can never have too many shoes: This starts at a young age!
  • How to get someone's attention? Scream!: This will get the attention of someone… your parents, your neighbours, the police…
  • Six outfit changes per day is the norm: Lots of these changes will involve a dress- many of which will have a princess on it or fairy wings attached to it or some Disney element.
  • If you don’t know how to plait hair like Elsa: Then don’t bother trying.
  • Chocolate cures everything: Girls learn this one early too!
  • Anything that's yours is hers: Shoes, hats, make up, nail polish etc...
  • Asking mum v asking dad: Ifthey need something it's mum, but if they 'want' something it's dad.
  • Why where lips made? For pouting of course!
  • Heartbreakers: Some days she'll break your heart, others she'll have hers broken, and before you know it she'll be breaking boys ones.
  • Sicks and stones and social media: Bullying is terrifying territory when it comes to girls.
  • One day her phone will get more face time than you do: it will likely become her main form of communication.
  • Somedays she will hate you, but not forever: Girls are hardest on their mothers. They will tear you down as their hormones seethe through every inch of their body. She will be such a little b*t*h that you just won't be able to stand being around her sometimes. But you will, because once upon a time she was that precious chubby cheeked baby and she is yours AND you love her, just as your mum loved you. And hopefully, one day she will have a girl too and know the precious moments and living hell she put you through.

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