Raising a talented kid? Things to know.

There are a few things you can do to set them on the right path and they are listed here…

All kids have their talents but there are some youngsters who have an extremely brilliant talent and while that is great they do need guidance in how to embrace it.
There are a few things you can do to set them on the right path and they are listed here…
  • Nurture them- Nurturing your kids does not mean you are being over bearing instead it allows your child to grow under your watchful eye. Guiding them towards their aspirations is a brilliant thing and you should love and care for them as this alone is the steps needed for them to grow up and to being successful.
  • Give them smart games- Rather than giving your child easy tasks or games to do make it harder and continue to push them to complete them alone. It will promote their own problem-solving skills and giving them, hard puzzles or crosswords will ensure they aren’t bored.
  • Make music a part of their lives- Music is hugely beneficial for kid’s mental health and some studies say it makes kids smarter if it is the right kind of music. Growing up listening to Einstein will certainly not do your child any harm
  • Exercise and eat well as a family- Exercising and eating well is important for everyone in your family and if your child is talented at sports they will need good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle which you should encourage.
  • Encourage them- If your child is naturally talented at something you may not think they need much encouragement but the truth is they do otherwise they will become bored and could stop it altogether. Giving them, some words of praise or advice will go a long way in ensuring your child’s talent doesn’t go to waste.
  • Don’t pressurise- While you want to encourage them it is important that you don’t over pressurise your nipper or they may not enjoy their talent in time. Let them lead the way and if they are too tired to train let them be and the next day try to push them to practice but never get angry at them or lose it. That will not help at all.
  • Be supportive and be a good role model- Supporting your kid is vital and helping them be as good as they can be. If you are an ambitious person yourself it will help your child as they will mirror your behaviour. If all the family show commitment to hobbies and talents your child will follow suit as it is the family way!
  • Limit TV and technology- Kids need downtime and a chance to do fun stuff in their free time but do your best to limit the amount of time they spend on screens. A couple of hours is fine but daily usage of screens and hours spent staring at them will affect your child.
  • Keep them grounded- No one wants their kid to become big-headed no matter how talented they are and you should keep them grounded. Don’t go over the top with the praise and certainly when talking to others don’t brag about your child or your kid will think this is ok.

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