Positive things to say to your kids

Words of advice that I would like my children to know.

It’s fair to say that as parents, we have to tell our kids off from time to time. Sometimes we may even need to dish out some punishment to get a message accross. No child is perfectly behaved (and neither were we when we were kids) however some days it can seem that we are constantly giving out. On the other hand, on the path of parenthood we offer our children lots of positive advice and encouragement along the way. Here are some of the nicer things say to our kids!
  • “Let’s play games” What child doesn’t want to play a game? Even a quick game of snap gets kids excited and building up a good bundle of board games will certainly be to your benefit! 
  • “Treat people kindly and respect others” This is so important to teach children as they make their way through school. 
  • “Take pride in yourself and what you do” All children should be proud of themselves for achieving the best that they could. You can’t expect any better than that.
  • "Make sure you listen in school and get an education” Simply put, learning and knowledge is the key to their future. We try as parents to instil a love of learning when they are young. 
  • “There is the washing machine, oven and hoover” I like this one as a parent! Teaching your child to look after themselves is key to their independence. Starting young just make the process a whole lot easier.
  • “I’m here if you need me or want to talk to me” It is good for children to know this, they may take us up on it but it certainly reassures them. 
  • “Save money” My parents taught me to look after your pennies and the pounds wilI look after themselves! Kids are never too young to learn to save. Starting from a young age develops a habit that will look after them through life.
  • “I love you” Who doesn’t like hearing those three little words? No matter what age or how independent your child is, they will always benefit from knowing you love them. Every night, every morning, you can never tell them enough!
Remember the positives!

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