Popular old wives tales

No 4: If you are pregnant and carrying high with a big round belly you are most definitely having a girl!

The Old Wives Tales your Mother still says!
Mammies and Nanas are very funny with their old wives tales. No amount of arguing with them will get you anywhere as they are always right! When I was growing up I was told many of these tales, and I actually believed them. Now as an adult (or maybe just a big girl) I know better of it but some can be rather entertaining.
Here are a few of the funniest ones I have heard.
  • A full moon will cause a pregnant woman to go into labour. So let’s get this right when there is a full moon, the labour wards are heaving..somehow I don’t think so!
  • If you have heartburn throughout your pregnancy then your baby will be born with a head full of hair. I don’t think this is true as I suffered with heartburn during pregnancy and there was not a single strand on my tots head nor was there for a full year. Totally bald.
  • If you keep making funny faces and funny eyes it will stay like that if the wind changes. I heard this a number of times and I’m ashamed to admit I say it to my kids now. There are only so many times you can laugh at their silly faces before enough is enough.
  • If you are pregnant and carrying high with a big round belly you are most definitely having a girl and if you are carrying lower and smaller that sticks out it is a boy. There is no need for scans so just stick with this advice, so what if you have to repaint the nursery walls once baby is born.
  • If you have new shoes it is bad luck to leave them on a table or chair. This is what my Grandmother really believed in.
  • If your nose is itchy you are going to have a fight with someone. If my nose is itchy it just needs a scratch, I don’t think I’m going to turn all “Mike Tyson” and knock someone out. At least it hasn’t happened yet anyway.
  • If your ears are burning someone is talking about you. Better still, if your hands are itchy, money is coming your way. Now that doesn’t sound too bad!

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