Parents: Bad habits we all need need to stop now!

Here are a few bad parental habits that need to stop 

We are all too familiar with kids and their many bad habits; nose picking, eating with mouths full and interrupting people in mid conversation to name just a few. However it isn’t just the wee nippers that have bad habits is it? I’m sure if we are truly honest with ourselves we have many. With this in mind here are a few bad habits some (if not all) parents do and we need to stop them now!
Bad eating habits If you are eating muffins or Danish pastries for breakfast every day then you are hardly setting the right example, are you? Children will pick up on it and soon enough they will be eating unhealthily too, so do yourself and the kids a favour and eat a good variety of foods full of goodness and nutrients. If you are feeling like a chocolate blowout be sneaky and do it when the little people are in bed or in school-problem solved!
Bad mouthing people or putting others down is not good, especially people that your kids love as it will upset them. If you want to vent your fury about someone do it away from little ears otherwise soon they will think it is normal to bad mouth people. Remember they mirror a lot of their parent’s behaviour and opinions, and you don’t want your youngster criticising classmates as this can lead to much bigger problems.
Being inconsistent and not following through, as they will walk all over you and believe that they rule the roost. Follow through if you are banning them from something make sure you put a realistic time frame on it so not to let them away with it too early. While grounding a teenager for a week seems a great idea, after a few days of a teen pleading in your ear backing down is understandable but inadvisable.
Acting like a servant to your kids is wrong on all accounts. Sure, you want to care for them but there is a line to draw. When they are getting older you can get them to help with many chores and allow them to help preparing dinner. Sorting clothes, sweeping/hovering and polishing are all easy tasks that are not going to cause trauma to a lazy kid. Get them up off the sofa and take a break you deserve it after all, you changed their poop filled nappies and hand fed them-now it is your time!
Spending too much time on social media and technology. We give out about how the new generation is reliant on technology yet as parents we are sometimes just as guilty. Look around you and talk to each other without the distractions of T.V or laptops, and make memories while you can. Soon enough your kids will have grown up and flown the nest. Who cares what other people are doing online? What matters is the here and the now and your offspring are so much more important than the “200 friends” - many of which you may hardly ever see.
Not saying “I love you” enough to your little ones. They need to hear it lots and lots no matter what age they are. Of course we are all busier now than ever before due to work commitments, family life and volunteering duties, but it really only takes a few second to say it. In the morning before school, and before going to bed say “I love you” even if you had a disagreement during the day say it, always say it no matter what as they need to hear it.
There are tonnes more to add: cursing, smoking, telling fibs, sun bathing with no factor, speeding... These are all habits parents are guilty of on some occasions. Not one person is perfect after all but it's good to try and ensure that your youngster’s know your little habits are bad and you would prefer they didn't take them up! Best of luck!

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