Parenting Tasks that Really Suck!

We polled some parents and here's what was on their list!

Parenting is like a box of chocolates! You never know each day what you’re gonna get!
Most days are filled with laughter, fights, mayhem, tears and kisses! Parenting can test your patience to the absolute limit!
We polled our parent mates and asked them what would make life as a parent better? What would make it so much more ‘amazeballs’, and it came down to a list of things they’d rather not to, rather than a list of things they would like.
Check these out and let us know how many you’d include on your list:
  • Washing Bottles (6 at a go!)
  • Changing Nappies 
  • Putting Shoes on a Screaming Toddler
  • Cutting Finger Nail and Toe Nails
  • Wresting Them Into a Car Seat
  • Getting Stains Out of Clothes
  • Cleaning Their Neck 
  • Cleaning Their Ears
  • Giving Medicine
  • Laundry
  • Packing for a Night Away (Same as a Week)
  • Chopping Food Into a Hundred Pieces
  • Wiping Snots
  • Wiping Bums
  • Teaching Boys To Aim For the Toilet
  • Brushing Tangled Hair
  • Answering all the “Whys?”

So as I compiled this list it made me quite emotional. It almost brought me to tears because it made me think of my own kids and all of the laughter, fights, mayhem, tears and kisses that all of these caused in our house and you you know what- I thank God for these. Parenting is indeed like a box of chocolates – but give me a soft centered, nutty allsort any day and keep them coming. Kids are little for only a short time and soon mine will be all grown up and I’ll be stuffing my face with these chocolates on my own-getting old and fat! x

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