Parenting styles: which one are you?

Parents are often surprised to find out that there are actual recognised styles of parenting that are used by many parents to raise their kids.

Parents are often surprised to find out that there are actual recognised styles of parenting that are used by many parents to raise their kids. 
They are sorted into four main categories though some parent’s alternate between styles from time to time and it can depend on the situation with their kiddies. The main four styles are listed here with the method used and from this list you may learn more about your own parenting style and it might open your eyes to the kind of parent you are and the one you want to be.
The type of discipline you use can have a dramatic effect on your child’s development. Your discipline strategies can have a big impact on the type of relationship you have with your child. The various approaches to discipline can even influence a child’s mood and temperament into adulthood.

1. Authoritarian-Parents that adopt this attitude tend to like being the boss of the family and it is very much focused on doing what you are told when you are told without question. Authoritarian parents give no explanations for their rules or boundaries and do not like to be questioned often answering their kids with “because I said so” and this style can be very obedience orientated and therefore put a lot of pressure on their kids to obey their parents at all times. Their kiddies tend to have lower self-esteem and can be extremely wary of their parents and feel unable to discuss matters openly with them without getting punished.

2. Authoritative- This is a more give and take relationship between parents and their kids and authoritative parents are responsive to their children and democratic about rules and guidelines at home and in school. They tend to nurture their kids and are willing to forgive them if they mess up and punishment is seen as a last resort and to these parents it may not seem to be the answer either. Their kids are probably the happiest out of all the parenting styles and are assertive, co-operative and research has shown them to be more successful in their future years.

3. Permissive-Parents that use this parenting style tend to be lenient to their kids and have very low expectations in what they expect from their children. They do not like confrontation and set little rules in the home and make very few demands from a parenting point of view. Though this seems like a laid back style it is not without its challenges as kids with permissive parents have shown to behave poorly at school as they are not pushed or guided to succeed.

4. Uninvolved- Uninvolved parents tend to be neglectful. The uninvolved parent may fulfil their children’s basic needs but there is no room for communicating with them or showing them love and devotion. The kids are usually uncared for on a regular basis and at times can be left to their own devices and look after their siblings in their parent’s absence. As a result of this kind of parenting the kids often feel rejected, unloved and research has shown that these children rank lowest in happiness and are less competent at school.

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