Parenting skills that help marital success.

A lot of your learned parenting skills can be used to help your marriage succeed

A lot of people don’t seem to realise that much of their learned parenting skills can be used to help their marriage succeed. Parenting while trying to keep romance alive in a relationship is extremely hard but with a few of these parenting skills used towards your marriage it will go a long way to improve things. Here are some of the skills you could use as a parent that can be used in your marriage too. Check 'em out!
  • Be flexible- Accept that you cannot change personality traits in your children nor can you change your spouse’s personality either. Their individual personalities are what makes them “them” so rather than trying to alter that accept it and figure out a way that your personality doesn’t clash with theirs and how to avoid conflicts in your relationship.   
  • Be supportive- Parents are hugely supportive of their children yet sometimes forget their partners need some support too. If your partner wants to try a new career but it might change your current finances or housing arrangements, you should support them if it is what will make them happy. You would never tell your child that doing something different was out of the question so be a support to your partner as they will love you more for it in the long run.
  • Have plenty of one on one- Your children need one on one attention at least every few weeks where it is just you and them for a few hours of uninterrupted chatting. Isn’t it vital to any relationship to have one on one yet we rarely have this time with our partners, set aside some time for you and your loved one and it will reinvigorate your marriage and keep you both connected.
  • Be their biggest fan- If you are the parent at pitch side shouting at your kid in support- do it for your partner too. If they have a big job on, or a presentation offer to help them go through it at home. Offer your advice but never fail to be encouraging and be clear that you are your partners number one fan and while they may not always get the promotion at work your partner will remember you cared enough to help.
  • Show them love- Not a day goes by that you don’t hug or kiss your kiddies but do you do it to your partner? Honestly, it could be days before I give or get a peck on the cheek as we are both so incredibly busy. Make a promise now that you will show your partner how much you love them every day by sending a romantic text or stopping your partner before he leaves for a quick kiss.
  • Laugh together and be merry- Laughing is the best medicine for a lot of things and sometimes it gets forgotten when life gets in the way. Have a family dinner and giggle with the kids and your partner letting your comedy side out, don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself. Just have fun and do it now!
  • Honesty- The children are expected to be honest with you and so you should expect the same between you and your partner. Rather than trying to cover stuff up or hide problems be open with your partner and trust each other.
When you become a parent, parenting skills and marriage skills can go hand in hand!

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