Parenting by “Magic”. Magical Parenting Tricks that Really Work...

Have you ever used magic to help with your parenting skills?  Here are some great magical hacks…

Have you ever used magic to help with your parenting skills?  
Here are some great magical hacks…
Use Magic ‘spray’ at bedtime
My son is afraid of a bear behind the curtains. Maybe for yours it’s a monster under the bed? Make a special Bear/ Monster/ Witch spray (whatever it is that they are afraid of) by filling a spray bottle with water to frighten them away. I let him spray the room himself before he goes to sleep and it works wonders.
Magic 'medicine'

In the past at some stage, all of my kids have pretended to be poorly. I use a bottle of "magic medicine". It's a bottle of multivitamin syrup that I give to them, but it can cure anything. (I might be stating the obvious here, but please make sure they really are fibbing first!)

Magic ‘ball’ in the loo

This one is for the little boys in the house. My sister in law put a ping-pong ball in the toilet bowl for her little guys to aim at. It majestically made sure that their aim improved. The magical thing is they can still flush the toilet and the ping-pong ball will pop back up like magic for the next time!

Magic ‘face towel’

Hair washing time in the bath causes mayhem in our house. So my pal introduced me to the idea of the magic face cloth that she uses. Simply fold a face cloth up and ask your little one to hold it over their eyes whist you shampoo and rinse their hair.
Magic- there’s no more tears.

Magic ‘bubbles’
Did you know that blowing bubbles on the loo will help kids poo?
Next time they get bubbles at a birthday party, hold onto them and keep them in the bathroom for emergencies. If they blow ‘magic’ bubbles as they sit it helps with the muscles they need to go, it distracts them so they are not thinking about hanging on! 
If you can think of any others- please let us know at [email protected]

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