'No children weddings' : 8 reasons why not bringing your kids are a great idea

When your children are not invited it may be a blessing in disguise

Weddings are all about questions; starting with ‘Will you marry me?’ and finishing with ‘Do you take … to be your lawful wedded husband/wife? However one of the biggest questions is whether or not to have children present. 
If you receive an invite and your children’s names are not on it your first reaction may be to be insulted however don’t forget that this means that you have a great excuse for a child free day. You also don’t need to worry about any of these scenarios!
How often are couples with children on time for anything?
Rarely. Problem is when you’ve got a wedding to get to, to arrive after the bride is almost a criminal offence. 
The ceremony
The ceremony itself is the most special part of the day, however throw in a screaming child or a Fireman Sam siren and the bride will be crying for all the wrong reasons.
Nap time
Nap time means that one of you will have to sit in your hotel room (or the car if you’re not staying over) until your little one has had enough rest. Throw in the fact that they’ll probably be manic with excitement about seeing all your relatives and they’ll be very difficult to settle.
Pre dinner drinks and canapés
Canapes are the most unchild friendly food you can get. Too small, too rich and too delicate. Unless the couple have decided to go for cocktail sausages you’re going to have a hungry child on your hands.
Wedding breakfasts are not ‘fast’ food. Most children want to leave the table once they’ve had a few mouthfuls let alone sitting still for five courses.
Even most adults are watching the clock when it comes to the speeches so there’s no way children could find them entertaining. Trouble is the more distracted the speakers are (if there are kids playing and shouting) the longer they’re going to go on for…
First dance
When the kids all hear the band start up they’re bound to be excited. Try explaining to them that the only people allowed on the dance floor for the first dance is the bride and groom. 
The evening of the wedding day is the time that everyone let’s their hair down, relaxes and enjoys the party. Trouble is you’ve got a child that needs to be put to bed…
Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at www.familyfriendlyhq.ie Jennie.
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Jennie Dennehy

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