New year resolutions your kids should make and keep!

New year is upon us and it is a new start as well as a new opportunity to change things or begin good habits and not just for parents!

New year is upon us and it is a new start as well as a new opportunity to change things or begin good habits and not just for parents! Kids should be involved too as let’s be honest they probably have the worst habits out of everybody! With this in mind here are a few resolutions your kids should try and make and indeed keep!
  • I shall not shout at mammy and daddy- Would your child even last a single day without shouting at you? Probably not but in fairness they do love you to the moon and back they just have a funny way of showing it sometimes!
  • I shall try and eat all my dinner- It is not like you want you kid to force down food but if they would at least make an effort! However, unless it is fries and burgers your kids will not be changing their habits any time soon!
  • I shall go to bed without kicking up a stink- Wouldn’t it be great if your children just headed to bed in the same way we do? No fighting or arguments over a story or that they need a drink again! Sure, parents would rejoice everywhere!
  • I shall be grateful for every toy, treat and gifts that I have- As children these days get quite a lot of stuff you could be forgiven for thinking that your kids are somewhat ungrateful for what they have but it would be lovely if this changed. A little gratitude wouldn’t go astray and it may make kids more thoughtful in regards to how lucky they are with the life (however modest) they have.
  • I shall clean my room every week- No dirty socks and no rotten food in the bedrooms would be a good starting point and leaving mammy free to do something else rather than cleaning up after the kid’s mess.
  • I shall stop fighting with my siblings- Ha this probably will never happen but hey we can dream, right?! Half the disagreements are caused at home by siblings fighting as parents inevitably must get involved and before you know it a war has broken out!
  • I shall wash my hair without complaining- Why children have an aversion to washing their hair is beyond me as it is quite simply necessary and who doesn’t love a bubbly bath?! Apparently, kids most of the time but imagine if they just got in and got scrubbed without batting an eyelid; Bliss!
  • I shall do my homework properly each day- It isn’t hard and homework has to be done but all kids hate it and probably parents too who dread the children complaining! In the worst moments, you nearly consider doing the stuff yourself and honestly what parent hasn’t done a bit of colouring for their reluctant kiddie?! 
  • I shall exercise daily and forget technology- It is a parent’s responsibility to manage their child’s technology habits but if your child took some too and realised that the outdoors is more fun wouldn’t it be great? It can’t be good for kids watching a screen all the time anyway and exercise is vital for a nipper’s well-being and health!
Happy New Year and enjoy the resolutions!

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