My Little Boy Lost: Raising my son with Autism

When I see Conor, I only see him, not Autism, not SPD, not anything else, just him.

"Raising children with and without special needs is demanding at best, heart breaking at worst; trying to be a good mother to all and giving them all your time. Trying to help them each understand what living with special needs means to them and hopefully helping it to impact positively on their lives now and in the future."
This is a quote from Amanda, mum to the gorgeous Conor.
Special needs entered her world almost 6 years ago, when her beautiful little boy Conor was born. She says it changed her as a person, friend, partner and mother. Her blog 'The Little Puddins Blog' is a window into a world you may not have known existed if you do not have children with special needs and if you are a fellow special needs mammy it will be a friendly place to spend time reading and relating to stories you could have written yourself about your own life with your little ones.
Amanda is often asked how she found out about her little boy having Autism. She found out when he was less than 18 months old and at that time he was the youngest in their county to ever be diagnosed. However what lead to that diagnosis has been some of the hardest most painful years of her life. 

She kindly allowed us to publish part one of her story a few months ago and now she's given us permission to publish part two.

Here is Part 2
And if you didn't catch Part 1 it's here:

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