My 'bucket list' is now my 'f**k it' list now that i'm nearly 40

Life, kids and everything else jus got in the way

I used to have a bucket list, the wild, crazy or life enhancing things that I was gonna do before I hit 40 (which seemed like a lifetime away might I add), but life got in the way. Now with only 6 months to go until I hit the big milestone, I've revisted my bucket list idea, and it is with great regret that I need to inform you that my bucket list has now become a f*ckit list!
Here is the now defunct list, along with my very valid reasons (excuses) why they won't be done!
Get a tattoo
Any mother whose little angel has scribbled over a newly painted wall/newly purchased piece of furniture with a contraband felt tip pen, will know that the words "permanent ink" strikes fear straight to the heart, so for that reason I must decline!
Go to a festival
I've had 3 children, I've slept in uncomfortable positions and seen more than my fair share of puke, shite and mucky clothes thank you very much!
A spa day
I'd settle for going to the toilet without an audience giving a running commentary, or taking a shower without the toddler Exfoliate me with a toilet brush!
Travel to an exotic destination
A kid friendly hotel in Torremolinos counts, right? I mean, I'm sure Thailand is overrated, and I bet they use loads of filters to make the water look that particular shade of blue!
Go skinny dipping
When your boobs are approximately 2 foot lower than they were pre kids, and resemble a sliotar in a sock you are NOT going to discard your ridiculously expensive industrial strength, strap-em, lift-em and hold-em-up bikini top...boobie freedom is seriously overrated anyway!
Travel Alone
Hahahahahahahahaha, see point (about spa day)!
Bungee Jump
I spend most of my time hoping that the elastic on my 2 year old Penney's knickers doesn't snap – if you think I'm going to trust a giant knicker elastic to keep me safe while I fling myself off a 200ft height you've got another thought coming!
Get a wild haircut
Eh, I lived before GHD's it doesn't get much wilder than that!
That's about all – but if you can think of any other bucket list stuff that I should do in the next 6 months, let me know, and I can probably think of a really good idea why I shouldn't do it!
Sandra is a loving, cursing, bitching, laughing mother of 3, who spends her days running round in circles, fighting with 20, 6 and 2 year old versions of herself and asking people not to judge her for wearing pyjamas at 6pm...Just trying to get her shit together before she turns 40! 
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