“Mumvy” are you a victim?

Do you know of this term being used nowadays -  aka- Mumvy?

“Mumvy” are you a victim?
I have only just come across this word “Mumvy” and it makes perfect sense now meaning a mixture of inadequacy, jealousy and envy amongst Mother’s. I’m sure we can all relate to feeling envious at times, I know I can anyway I experience it on a daily basis. I manage a Coffee Shop, home to many a yummy mummy enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, am I jealous?
Yes! There I said it! Why wouldn’t I be? They all gather together to chat about their darlings, arrange play dates, with their beautifully painted nails, perfect hair and immaculate makeup.
I’m lucky enough that I work away from my hometown so I don’t meet the Mummy’s from my kids school as I think that would add to my “Mumvy”!! I don’t think I could control my jealousy if Mummy’s from my children’s school were regular customers and having to serve them all the time, I like having my privacy also I guess. 
As I work most days I rarely get to drop my children to school but when I do, I try to be discreet and leave them at the gate making a fast exit without been spotted but my youngest has other ideas. I must go into the yard and wait for the bell to ring which adds to my anxiety, everywhere is Mummy’s beautifully dressed in high heels and skinny jeans. I literally 'leg it' once she is chatting to friends, telling her I have to get home quickly as the dogs need water!
I don’t drive a car, and I live a good half hours walk from the school and in our typical Irish weather... well you know? I look bloody awful in my oversized tracksuit jumper, bottoms and runners that scream “slob”. Of course there is the sporty Mummy’s that arrive at the school ready for the gym in tight leggings and bright fluorescent runners that literally jog out of the yard but I’m doing a one hour walk on the school run and I still have to hoover at home!
I do however try to tidy myself up before I collect the kids later that day, I might get the straighteners out and change into jeans (not skinny) so I can stand with the others and not be so ashamed! There still isn’t makeup on my face but that is way too much effort (it is my day off after all).
I've learnt the hard way collecting my daughter from dancing on her first day trying out. I didn’t give it a second thought till I arrived and all the Mummy’s with designer gear dripping from them congregated together talking about winter breaks, Christmas gifts and their children being stars and going to try them out for T.V commercials etc. I never felt so awkward when I walked in straight from work and they all visibly checked me over as the newbie that smelt less like perfume but more like ham sandwiches and coffee! Either that or they were famished and I reminded them of food!
However while I admit to being envious of the Yummy Mummy, and their ability to look fabulous all the time, I have a few pals that are Yummy Mummy’s through and through and I often ask them how they look so great all the time! It’s funny when they are so oblivious, and mostly I get “sure you are a natural beauty” and “do you know how annoying it is to do your makeup in the car”? That they wish they could leave the house like I can but felt they couldn’t after years of being seen a certain way (perfect). I guess perfection can be hard to live up to, right?
Therefore “Mumvy” is common no matter what background you are from and no matter what type of Mummy you are!  It's often said that we are never happy with what we are or what we have, but next time while you are feeling a little “Mumvious” remember the lady next to you probably feels the same! 
Kindly submitted by a Family Friendly HQ reader

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