Kids Impatience: no wonder that kids are impatient as everything can now be done in an instant

These examples compare now with "back in our day!"

Have you noticed how your kids seem to have no patience?
They expect everything to happen straight away. The question is, is it their fault? We live in an era where a lot of things do happen instantly.
Listening to music
Then: If you wanted to listen to your favourite song more than once you had to rewind the cassette back and it could take a while to stop it right at the beginning of the track
Now: Simply select the song you want on your mp3 or CD.
Children’s TV
Then: Children’s TV only used to be on for a few hours in the afternoon and there wasn’t much choice, it was a case of like it or lump it
Now: With You Tube, Sky Plus and 24/7 rolling kids channels their favourite show is simply a click away
Then: When we wanted to see how our holiday pics turned out we had to wait a lifetime for them to be developed.
Now: The second a photo has been snapped they can see the results.
Then: Do you remember writing postcards when you were abroad to your relatives and friends back home? Trouble is sometimes you’d make it home before the postcard did.
Now: For kids that are older enough to have a mobile all they need to do to make their mates jealous is upload their photos to Instagram.
Then: When it was Xmas or our birthday we would search all the shops (or the Argos catalogue) for the perfect present to put on our wish list.
Now: They simply show their parents want they want online or even just send them the link.
Renting a video/DVD
Then: As a treat we would go down to the video store and browse for half an hour before picking out a film
Now: Purchase/rent it online quicker than you can say popcorn.
Following favourite celebrities
Then: We used to count down the days until Smash Hits magazine came out which was full with gossip and pictures of our favourite pop stars
Now: Simply follow your idols on Twitter and Instagram and you’ll see what they’re up to 24/7
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