Kids Can Be So Damn Creepy At Night!

There are a ton of creepy things kids do at night- here's just a few!

In my experience, there are a ton of creepy things kids do at night, and they all freak me the hell out.
Laugh in their sleep.
There is nothing funny about this in the middle of the night!
Stand by the bed in silence
We've all woken up in the middle of the night and nearly had a heart attack because a child is simply standing by your bed saying nothing. 
Have you ever found one of your kids out of their bed at night, yet sound asleep with their eyes partially open. It's terrifying!
Announce that they're scared of their room.
My kids never want to sleep with their doors shut. They panic if the door is shut. I remember having a friend sleepover and she closed my youngest's door when she was going to bed herself. My little man woke up to find his door closed and SCREAMED the house down in the dead of the night. 
Have weird lights that show up on their baby monitors.
I’ve seen some weird orbs, lights, and shadows on our monitors throughout the years. Also, does anyone elses kids’ eyes glow when they fall asleep?
Ask what that noise outside was.
It’s one of the many topics the What to Expect books don’t cover in thorough detail, and they should. 
They Touch You
When they stroke your arm or poke you in the ribs with their bony limbs if they've crept into your bed in the middle of the night. It's enough to make you shudder. 
They Fall Out Of Bed
No one expects to hear a loud THUMP in the middle of the night so when your kids fell out of bed it can creep you out! What's even more creepy is when you run into their room to check if they're okay and they're still fast asleep after the fall.
What's the creepiest thing your kid has done in the middle of the night?

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