Key tips to getting organised from a busy mum

Never leave dishes in the sink!

My August is jam packed and full of good intentions. No. 1 on my hitlist was to ‘get organised’.
This dilemma had reached its absolute pinnacle coming up to the summer school hols, and I was honestly burnt out from being 10 steps behind. My new school year resolution is to be on top of, or better still, ahead of my game. 
Ever since the arrival of our third baby, the remnants of any organising skills I had after our first two children, just up and went entirely, abandoning me due to my complacency, inability, or lack of effort to meet it half way, and leaving me forever more since, up the proverbial creek without a paddle. The drama that unfolds due to my lack of organisation has been ridiculous and it has become increasingly more difficult for me to ‘live in the moment’ because ultimately I’ve forgotten where that is too. I can no longer function effectively.
My head is so busy constantly unfolding the chaos as it happens, it hasn’t had a chance to stop, re-boot and start again. I have thus far, left doors wide open when leaving the house, and I don’t just mean unlocked, I mean wide open, I have drove out from supermarkets with my wallet on the car roof, went into shops for groceries and left groceries behind, missed appointments or arrived too late, sent kids into school in uniforms on tracksuit days and lots more besides.
Recognising I have a definite problem on my hands, I of course reach out to reliable old Google to cure me. As I typed, I half thought how ridiculous I was looking for ways to improve my situation, when I knew what I had to do. But that was the thing, I didn’t actually know what to do or where to start.
Low and behold Google directed me to some very helpful articles and I am glad to say that since implementing some of my findings, I am slowly finding I am getting back on track for the first time in years. Most of these things that organised people do are things I used to do myself, but somehow I dropped them along the way because I was either too tired, or too busy to maintain the good practise.
The first point that struck me on this ‘list of things organised people do every day’, was admittedly a silly one, an obvious one, and one I am ashamed to say we had slacked ever so slightly on, but only in this past year. Apparently, organised people never leave dishes in the sink. What a gem. I had got into the bad habit of leaving a few things until I got around to emptying the dishwasher or washing them. They would irk me somewhat, but procrastination got the better of me. Come down to yesterday's dishes on a new day, well, it doesn’t make for a fresh start does it? This is one thing I have started doing and just like it used to be, my sink is shiny and clear, ready and waiting for a new day when I get up each morning. 
The second point that struck me was another one I knew I was guilty of not doing. My stomach would get a little anxious when I saw letters in the postbox. Dread! I had a “laissez-faire” attitude with the envelopes, which as we know only made things worse. Missed appointments, deadlines that could have been met, if I wasn’t too afraid to open the darn things. So the second thing organised people do is ‘open their mail’. I have adopted this practise now too, and with the exception of one blip last week with a particular appointment, I have to say it is working quite well for me thus far. I now need to apply this to my e-mail inbox too, and I expect that will go a long way towards my recovery also.
Organised people keep only one ‘To Do’ list. An obvious one to many I would imagine, but I had countless lists on the go until recently. I now have one ‘To Do’ list, and although growing each day it is still organised and there for me to check off in one place. It’s a fool proof tip.
Organised people plan their days the night before. This is my worst fault. When it comes to planning my days I am the ultimate procrastinator. I will make appointments and plans and I will know where I am going to be, or at least where I am supposed to be at a certain time but that is as far as the planning goes. An hour before I’m meant to be there, I’m ringing around looking for babysitters and deciding what to wear, while getting dressed at the same time. I do it every time! It’s because I hate asking people to babysit, so I put off asking until the last minute which really makes it all the worse. I am beginning to learn and have started to plan my days at least loosely for now, but I intend to be an expert at ‘planning the night before’ come September. 
There were plenty more things that organised people do on the various lists I discovered on my quest. I figure, for now,  these handful of pointers are enough to get started with and they are definitely some of the more achievable things for anyone else looking to become more organised in today’s busy life. 
Written by Sonja, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ and mummy blogger too!
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