If you had 10 wishes for your children what would they be?

We have so many dreams for our kids and wish that they would all to come true. So why not write them down, put them in an envelope and to give them to them at some pinnacle point in their life.

Our kids are growing up so fast. Even with our ever busy lifestyles, we never stop thinking about them, right?
We have so many dreams for them and wish that they would all to come true. So I have decided to write them down, put them in an envelope and to give them to them at some pinnacle point in their life… Maybe it will be; the day the finish school, or the day they head away to college, perhaps when move out of the family home, go travelling, get married or become a parent? I’m not sure of the time or the day I’ll share this envelope, but I thought I’d take the time now, while they are young to express my wishes as a parent for them so that they always know how much I love them!
I Wish You Happiness
Yes, the dream of a parent is to see their kids happy. I always want you to remain happy wherever you are, whoever you are with and wherever life takes you. Please take the time to smile, laugh and have fun… If you find there is something stopping you from doing this- change it! Happiness is so important.
Be Responsible
I try all the time to teach you to take responsibility. Actions have consequences. Words also have consequences. Please think before you speak or act. They can change your entire destiny.
Save money when you’re young – you’re going to need it someday. Don’t let money be the guiding force for your decisions and actions, but plan wisely if you want to travel, learn, share it with others, and have more freedom to savor a diversity of experiences in your lifetime.
Never be Violent!
Don’t ever be a bully, and don’t ever start a fight, but if some eegit swings for you, please defend yourself. Respect others and remember that violence is never the solution.
Treat your Partner Kindly
If you are lucky enough to find love, cherish it and treat them kindly. If you choose to have a life partner, offer them the same level of respect that you would expect for yourself. Forever is a long time.
Be Honest
Please remain true to yourself and to others. The truth will set you free.
Stay Friends
I know I am your parent, but I also hope that we can be friends. By the time you read this I will have had to make plenty of tough decisions, many of which you will not have liked. But please know that they were all made out of love for you.
Own an Identity
Be yourself! Be unique! Different is good! Take pride in your appearance. Love yourself and the world will see you glow! Peer pressure is a scary thing. Be a good leader and others will follow. March to the sound of your own drum – you are worth it. If you happen to inspire others along the way… even better!
Have Manners and Respect
“Please” and “thank you” still go a long way. “I understand”, “I’m sorry”, and “Can I help?” do too.
To Be My Old Age Support
I will need you when I grow old. I never want to be dependent on you or hold you back from your destiny and your life. You need to live that to the max, but please make good decisions on my behalf if that’s what is needed.
I love you, I have always loved you and I will never stop loving you.
Love mum x

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