How you can tell he will be a great Father

Do you wonder how your man would fare at parenthood?

Your man doesn’t have to be perfect. No man is. However there are traits that they have pre children that can tell you a lot about the type of Dad he will be. 
He's up for a laugh
Can he have lots of fun playing with Thomas the tank engine? Does he poke fun at himself and cool with making others laugh? If so then your sure to get hours of entertainment for your little ones.
He gives a dig out at home
He doesn’t have to be Bree van de Kamp! If he is able to throw together a quick meal and a mean sandwich and put away his own clothes then he is showing positive signs! If he is doing these now, he is likely to help out with the feeding and nappy changing in the future. 
He's a calming influence.
Times when you might have got a little over excited when things weren’t going quite according to plan, how did he react? If he has a chilled out attitude then chances are, he is going to take screaming windy babies and toddler tantrums all in his stride.
He’s ok with not being the centre of attention. 
With the arrival of a little one, your new entrant is inevitably going to steal the limelight. It is important that Fathers understand this change will happen and can embrace it and make the adjustment. 
He understands your needs
Does he think about what he can do to make you happy? Does he encourage you to do something for yourself when your feeling down? If so then this wont change post baby and your pretty sure of getting a few ‘me times’ along the way post baby. 
He wants to be a Dad
If it is something that he really wants, you can be sure he will work hard to be good at it.

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