How to teach your kids important social skils

It may come natrually to some children to be good communicators but a lot can struggle

Many children can struggle with socialising and others will take it in their stride and manage quite wonderfully but there is never any harm in teaching your kids some simple social skills. It not only benefits them as youngsters but also as teenagers up until they are adults as these are life skills. Here are some ways you can help your child especially if they are shy or if they have low confidence.
  • Always use eye contact and do staring contests- It may seem silly but kids who make regular eye contact are usually more confident and sociable thus. While staring competitions may seem ridiculous your child will become familiar with facing someone and looking at them intently, suggest you have a treat afterwards if your kiddie can stare at you for five minutes. 
  • Role play and ask questions- Practice at home and role play conversations and starter points to initiating chats between your child and potential pals. Sure, your child will invariably find it easier with you but somewhere down the line your kiddie will improve and have a better sense of confidence in their social anxiety. 
  • Talk to their teacher or main caregiver- If you are worried you should tell people who regularly care for your child as at least you can all agree on a plan of action and ensure you are all doing the same encouraging things each day. 
  • Have lots of playdates- You obviously don’t want to overload your child but you should encourage your child to have a friend over at least once a week. Allowing them to host someone will give them a burst of good self-esteem and it will enable them to practice while (hopefully) having fun! 
  • Shadow your child- Once your kiddie has a pal over you should be aware that they might feel pressured in this unfamiliar situation so be there and help your kiddie along. If you think they want some food rather than asking your child to ask your guest do it yourself! Offer ideas for playtime and be mindful of your kids worries. 
  • Know their limits and let your child guide you- Accept that one playdate night be enough and your kiddie may not want another one the next week and let them have that choice. They may feel overwhelmed or maybe it was the wrong person to bring home but whatever the reason you must let your nipper guide you on this one.
  • Encourage your child to use their words- When out and about ask your kid to ask a shop assistant for a bag or to give them the money for the items. Gently remind you kid to use their words and take every opportunity to let them speak to people they may not be overly comfortable with. 
  • Support them- It goes without saying but supporting your youngster is key to getting them over this phase and setting them up for the years ahead. It may take time and the problem may never go but you can ensure your child is as good at socialising as they possibly can be. 

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