How to have a good relationship with your childminder

It is one thing to find an ideal childminder for your child but quite another to ensure the relationship runs smoothly

It is one thing to find an ideal childminder for your child but quite another to ensure the relationship runs smoothly and without any hiccups. We have put together a few tips on having a good relationship with your child’s caregiver and hopefully it will enable you to have one that will last.
  • Make your expectations clear from the start- If you want your kids to only watch T.V for one hour a day in the evening your children’s caregiver will need to know, don’t assume she will get it! Be clear on your values and the way you like to raise your children, that way she will be able to live up to your expectations.
  • Care about your childminder- Don’t just see your child’s minder as a babysitter as for them it is a job and a vocation. Care about her and treat her accordingly without being rude, disrespectful or dishonest as you both have to be clear and honest with each other if you want to care for the children as best as you both can.
  • Communicate and stay on the same page- Talk about any issues the children may have before it gets out of control and rather than placing blame be diplomatic and careful about how you use your words. Remain joint in your reasons to care for the kiddies and don’t let communication breakdown as if it does it is better to move on than hang on to someone you can’t openly talk to.
  • Don’t override her- The kids say your minder wouldn’t let them have a bag of sweets and you are wondering what was the harm but let it slide as it is only a small thing. If the children think they can pit you both against each other they will only use it to their advantage so don’t be a pawn in their game-kids are smarter than you think!
  • Be generous and thoughtful- Pay your kids caregiver on time, and if she does extra hours as you were working late be sure to look after her. At Christmas give her a nice gift one that shows you really appreciate all the work she does for you and your family, and throughout the year a little gesture goes a long way like a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. It really is the little things and her feeling appreciated will ensure she stays with you and your family.
  • Help each other- Unite when you need to and support each other, if your child is being bullied discuss the solutions and work together. Parenting is never easy and situations do arise but your child’s caregiver is also a big part of your kiddie’s life so involve her and don’t leave her out.
  • Clear the air- If for some reason you both have had a falling out or an issue, do the right thing and clear the air. Apologise if you need to and if things were said in the heat of the moment, accept responsibility and tell her you want to move forward. If this person is worth it and the kids love her, it is worth holding onto someone special.

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