How Important is Repecting your Child and Teaching Them to Respect Others?

Everyone in the world has the right to be respected regardless of age, sexual orientation or gender

Everyone in the world has the right to be respected regardless of age, sexual orientation or gender. These are the fundamentals of life and ones we may forget once we have kids. We consider that we get to decide everything for them and in ways, we do but we still must accept that children are their own person and should be respected like any other human being in the world. It starts by you as once you respect your children they, in turn, will respect others and be careful of being rude or negligent to other feelings. Raising kids who are respected is vitally important as it instils in them an ability to be emphatic, kind and caring towards others. 
Parents play an important role in teaching their children about the world they live in and how to get along with others. Healthy relationships are key to your child’s future as they learn how to socialise and adapt to social situations or problems that may arise from time to time. It starts at home as parent’s model behaviour that their children will copy and having manners will teach your kids to have manners too and to respect others. 
As parents it is easy to be drawn into arguments with your child but try and avoid name calling, shouting or aggressive behaviour. Children who experience these things can become sad or suffer from low self-esteem. This doesn’t mean parents can’t discipline their child when needed but rather they should do so in a respectful manner so children though they know they are in trouble will feel secure in your behaviour towards them. Many parents would assume authority over their children but as youngsters grow into teenagers it can be harder to manage them and parents shouldn’t hope to control their teens anyway. Instead listen to your teenager and while you may not agree with their opinions, be fair and let them offer their view. If for no other reason than showing you respect them enough to speak about issues they feel are important. Children need to feel heard and avoid butting heads because your child wants a new phone. Instead, sit down and have a discussion with your points on why you consider them too young to have a phone. Don’t refuse to discuss anything as in time your child may choose to not tell you anything – even the big or small issues. 
Naturally parents and children have a life long bond bounded by their past, present and future but relationships can sour quickly and raising your child without showing them respect will damage your relationship. Once your child grows into an adult they may hold you responsible for refuting their opinions or disrespecting them at times. Children tend to remember a lot and while some memories fade a common thread will still exist if it was constantly present. Parents who neglect to show their child continued respect can upset a child’s natural spirit and diminish their trust of others as a result. Control or manipulation are not ways to manage a child’s bad behaviour as once a child makes mistakes or behaves badly they will know and demeaning them or shaming them isn’t teaching them well. 
Children need role models (in you) and showing them how to have principles, values and morals is more about you than it is about them. If you show others respect they will follow your lead by being emphatic, caring and considerate. All characteristics that are vitally important to young children and their ability to make friends. 
Parents need to remember that though their children are children that they do have the same rights as adults. They may not be able to look after themselves yet but that doesn’t mean parents can disrespect them. And your child will remember their childhood so make it one full of love, care and respect. 

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