Your Guide To Autumn/Winter Accessories

Our Style Expert Mary Holmes gives us her Autumn/Winter accessory report.

If there is one thing we're sure of this Autumn/Winter season, it's that statement accessories are well and truly back in fashion.

Accessories are such a fun and versatile way to amp up any look - adding a hairband or statement clip can bring any outfit from day to night.

Here are some trendy accessories that you can incorporate into your everyday look.

Statement Hair Clips  

Keep your hair in place and express yourself at the same time with the help of a statement hair clip. Whether you choose to spread awareness or even just wear your name, there is no limit to how you can style these. You can even wear more than one and rock an entire sentence on your hair!

Puffy Hairbands

Satin, studded, velvet or tartan - the ’80s classic Alice hairband has come back for another round. These vintage-style headpieces are puffy and sit high up on your head, elevating your look with a retro spin.

If you’re suffering from a bad hair day, look no further than this instant cure; these accessories are a classic for a reason, they look so good and are ideal for busy mums!

Chunky Accessories

Paired with a crisp white shirt or a cosy jumper, chunky chain chokers are a new way of accessorising your look this Autumn. Last season was all about delicately layered choker necklaces but this season it's more "go big or go home!"

Rocker Boots

There are many boot trends in the store at the moment, from knee-high 1970s styles to white ankle cowboy types but one key trend we’re seeing everywhere is a tough-looking, badass boot.

Studded, chunky with buckles, laced up, snakeskin, Doc Marten-esque, these bad boys are intended to toughen up a girly floral dress or compliment a faux leather look.


Mary Holmes

Image Consultant and Personal Shopper based in Dublin. Works with men and women of all age groups as well as organisations and businesses.

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