Handy tricks when your kids hate bathtime

It is one of those topic that divides children - washing themselves. 

Some kids love having a bath and won’t give you a second glance when you say it is “bath time” but others will scream and run away causing such a commotion that you will need a shower once you have sorted the little messer out! As kids get older and reach their teenage years it can become even harder to get them to wash as they will be very independent and stubborn. However there are a few ways to make it better and hopefully get your child washed quickly and without any drama.
Younger kids. Some youngsters hate having baths as they have a fear of water or just don’t like the feeling water makes around them. There are a few things you can do though to help your toddler enjoy bath time more. 
Use small bathtubs- If your tot doesn’t like getting into the big bath consider letting them use the baby bath like they used to, as it might just settle their fears and in time they will feel able to go into the big bath again.
Use bath toys- There are such an array of toys you can get for your toddler to play within the bath, there are bath jigsaws, water pistols, rubber duckies and swimming animals to name a few. If you really want to be creative you can give your tot some bath crayons to colour around the bath so they can mess around and really enjoy bath time. 
Keep a routine - Have a bath time routine so your kiddie can become familiar with it and accustomed to the time that they have one. Make it an enjoyable time, squeeze sponges around them, and splash bubbles around but be careful not to get bubbles in your child’s eyes as all the good work will be undone. 
Older kids. As kids get older and hit the teenage years they can become difficult to get into the wash and refuse point blank. At a time when you can’t physically force them into the bath and they are too big for games what are the options?
Find out why? - In most cases, teenagers are not bothered to wash or it can be they are just plain lazy! In some cases, if a teenager has low confidence and self-esteem issues they may not feel they have to wash as either way they feel bad about themselves. Some teenagers just like to flex their independence muscles and control things so by you nagging at them they just become more on the offensive and refuse to do as they are told!
Things you can do- Take away dirty clothes so your teenager won’t put dirty clothes on again and again, and remind your kid of the smell they cause by not washing. Ensure they know that by smelling in school others may pick up on it and begin to jeer them openly or behind their backs. Take away all their privileges, or pocket money if they still refuse to wash and if they are sporty and always getting sweaty cancel their lessons or matches if they won’t wash afterwards. Have a routine that your teenager knows they must wash after sports, or any activity but failing that they must have a shower every second day. 
In most cases, it is just a phases your kids are going through and in time normal washing will resume and that is when you can’t get the kids out of the bath-it is either a feast or a famine!  

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