Grandparents: sometimes you just have to bite your lip!

Here is a tiny few things that drive us a little bit crazy when it comes to our parents as grandparents.

“I wish I had grandchildren first, it’s so much more fun”! says Gran
Yes while we love grandparents and they are wonderful to our children, sometimes you just have to bite your lip with them! They are loving, caring, spoil our kids but at times they frustrate you and leave you more frazzled than your kids. Here is a tiny few things that drive us mums a little bit crazy when it comes to our parents as grandparents.
  • Mum’s to blame -No matter what my little girl does, whether she had a hissy fit in town on me or refused to do something for me, she is not to blame, oh no, mummy is to blame! Yes it’s our fault they shout and scream because we refused to buy them crisps at 10am in the morning after they refused breakfast!
  • Don’t feed the gremlins- You arrive at your parents’ house for a quick visit before Sunday lunch. Imagine the scene, you ask them not to give them any treats because your having lunch soon, no sooner are the words out of your mouth, and in marches the kids with biscuits and anything else granddad has give them. Your parents basically ignore what you say! I think it’s payback for all the years we annoyed them!
  • The no dinner scenario- Again food related! No dinner eaten no treats is my rule. But this is not a rule with grandparents! It is just blanked and they reward this behavior with sweets, crisps, biscuits. Ah sure they will eat dinner later is what I’m told! I’m sorry but who else would be killed if their dinner wasn’t ate back in the day!? If the plate wasn’t licked clean literally, you wouldn’t see a biscuit for a week!! One rule for grandkids another when we were growing up!
  • Tell tales – Mummy wouldn’t buy me this granny, mummy said no granny. Oh yes your little munchkin loves to tell granny everything!! You probably have good reason and the right reason to say no to whatever the request was, but granny is the boss always, so you are wrong in her eyes! A million questions and sympathy is showered upon grandson/granddaughter, And you can be sure that you will feel like a mean mum then!
  • No =Yes Mum says no, grandparents say yes!! It’s the official drive you crazy mode. You might tell your little one to stop bouncing on granny’s couch. Granny will no doubt say “ah there okay sure aren’t they having fun”.  I think when it comes to No vs Yes, yes is going to win, grandparents are the no rule parents and that’s why they are loved and cherished. They have had years of discipline and rules and now they just enjoy the freedom of spoiling and loving our children. Secretly I think they know they wind us up at times, but that’s the joys, and wouldn’t we be lost without them?
Thanks to Caroline for sending this to us. Caroline is an avid mummy reader of www.familyfriendlyhq.iex
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