Give One Of These Bad Habits The Boot For Lent

Whether you’re religious or not, Lent is an opportunity to give up a bad habit that’s holding you back.

Whether it’s something that’s unhealthy, damaging to the environment or bad for your wallet, on March 2 think about whether there are bad habits you can give the old heave-ho.

Staying Up Too Late

We’re all the same; we whinge all day that we’re tired, then the minute the kids go to bed, we get so excited about the prospect of me-time that we end up staying up way too late. It’s a vicious cycle. Why not give yourself a strict bedtime and plan beforehand how you want to make the most of your evening. If the kids are tucked up by 8:30 pm, tell yourself you have two hours of kid-free time to enjoy - and don’t waste a second!

Screen Time Before Bed

And once you’re tucked up in bed, what’s the best way to wind down? Hint – it’s not screen time! Give up TV or mindless scrolling and dig out a good book instead. Reading a chapter or two before bed is a great way to help you drift off to the land of nod (although murder mysteries might not have the desired effect). If you think about it, it’s a case of practising what you preach; make sure your kids know that you’re a book worm just like them!

Too Many Takeaway Coffees

Which of your bad habits can help the environment and your wallet at the same time? By giving up having takeaway coffees every day! If you get a €3 cappuccino to go every morning and you stopped for 40 days, you’d save yourself a whopping €120! That extra money would make for a very happy Easter indeed!

Clinging On To Clutter

It’s all very well watching TV shows about how to declutter your home, but putting it into practice is much harder. Often the problem is that we simply don’t know where to start. Why not give up (or in this case bag up) one item a day for 40 days that you know no one will miss. Whether it’s an item of clothing that no longer fits, a toy that the kids have outgrown, or a book that won’t be read again. By donating your bits and bobs to charity you’re allowing them to be reused and you’re creating extra space in your home too!

Mum Guilt

Mum guilt seems to affect everyone and it’s something we not only need to stop for Lent but permanently. We all try our best every single day and we have to remind ourselves that we are good enough! The great news is that Mother’s Day is on the way so even if you’re struggling to banish it right now, once you have your kids’ Mother’s Day cards in your hands, you’ll have a constant reminder of how much you’re appreciated.

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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