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We all have those days, days when the baby barely slept the night before...

We all have those days, days when the baby barely slept the night before, woke that little bit earlier and you are chasing your tail from the get-go. On these days mustering up a positive parenting attitude can seem like a lot of hard work. But, it is when you need it the most. To try to start the day on the right foot.
Here are some positive parenting techniques that can help:
  • Start with “It's going to be a great day”. Even if it is through gritted teeth, or through tired tears. Even if your day has gotten off to a rough start, positive thinking truly has the power to change your day. Your little ones will feel it too. 
  • Give them a hug. Start the day by giving your little one (and even your other half) a hug. Hugging releases oxytocin (so does breastfeeding) which is the love hormone. Instantly boosting your mood and your recipients.
  • Turn on some music and not the television. My little ones love to dance. It instantly brightens the mood to put some songs on they love and to have a dance with them. Experts say music can help ward off anxiety and depression whereas tv can lead to hyperactivity. 
  • Offer two options for their clothes. This one works particularly well for my three-year-old. A great way to help your child feel empowered is to give them some independence with their clothing choices. You can still make sure all options are weather appropriate beforehand but there is nothing that puts my little one in a better mood than picking her own outfit. 
  • Use words of praise instead of just rushing them to the next task. Getting dressed may seem like an easy task, to us. To little ones, this qualifies as a big achievement. Take the time to acknowledge the accomplishment. Sincere and genuine praise has been shown to increase children’s motivation. 

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