Don't worry about being a strict parent and here's why

There are lots of advantages for your kids if you tend to put your foot down more often

Everyone worries about parenting and their individual styles, many parents fret about their ability to care for their children or how they discipline their kids. It is normal to analyse your parenting though you should always believe in your methods. Some parents are laid back and easy going while others are stricter and use rules and routine to manage their children. No way is right or wrong but if you are veering on the stricter route there are some reasons why you shouldn’t worry…
  • The organisation will help family life- Say what you like about strict parenting but if your child has rules and boundaries it will ensure family life is easier in the long run. The lack of disorganisation will ensure that everything gets done and your family will be able to enjoy their evening time together as their ability to get things done will gift them hours spare later. 
  • Your kids will respect authority figures- It is important that your child respects you but also their caregivers or teachers. As you are strict and not accept disrespect your child will learn how to be thoughtful and respectful to others. At a time when youths are often getting into trouble for vandalising and goading people this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 
  • Better health choices- Strict parents will have treat days and otherwise follow a regime of healthy eating and exercise. As your youngster grows they will follow suit and understand the importance of balancing what you eat and how vital it is to exercise regularly. 
  • Kids will have a better posture- Most parents will tell their kids to sit up straight and in years to come your kids will thank you for it with their good posture and no stooping. 
  • Honesty will be important to your kids- Strict parents will run an open house policy but base it on trust and honestly. No parent ever likes to be lied to but if your kids grow up with an honest home it will follow through to their adult years. 
  • They will respect everything more- Kids with strict parents will not be handed the latest gadget willy nilly and will have to work up their pocket money or money from their birthday. By the time they get the item they will be so grateful that they will love it more. They may have a good work ethic and be happy to work to get things that they want. 
  • Time management will not be a problem- Being raised in a strict household will mean timing is everything so your child will ultimately be on time for everything. This may not be hugely beneficial now but once your child hits their first job this is the difference between them and the person who arrives in late every day! 
  • Sense of pride- While strict parents are difficult at times they mean well and truly have their kid’s best interests at heart. They will be as proud as punch of their children (like any parent) but may be harder on them in ways.
However, if they get the balance right between being strict and approachable than it will be fine. 

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