Do your kids sometimes not want to talk?

Use this cool 'game' to get them open up to you.

Ok so who is tired of getting the same response from their child when you ask them how their day is going?
It's generally short and sweet, right? "Good, fine, ok". And if the question is asked by text there's often an emojo as a response! Often kids don't engage in more eleborate answers because they are afraid of being judged.
Here's a new 'game' that will be sure to get your kids talking. Its idea is to open up lines of communication and share stories masked as a game. Us parents are tricksters!
"High, low, high" gives each person in your home air time to speak about their day. Everyone will have the chance to talk about the trials and tribulations and the good and bad parts of their day. However - they must end their report on a "high" note (get it?).
The game fosters a comfortable space where her children want to share information about their lives and it's a great way to build your family culture to storytelling … and sharing experiences.
With this game kids can lead the conversation, and in most cases, give you the cup of coffee you so desperately need. 
I wish we played this game growing up as it would've made everyone happy.
Warning - batteries not included!

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