Christmas Dinner Without The Stress

Let's face it, cooking Christmas dinner can be a really stressful experience for everyone involved

Every year you vow to make this year a calm and serene affair in the kitchen. The reality is a far cry from it though. Let's face it, cooking Christmas dinner can be a really stressful experience for everyone involved. There are a lot of people to please and mouths to feed. Many deem it to be the most important meal of the year.
We've picked up a thing or two over the years and these are some of the things that make the experience a little less stressful for everyone.
  • Don't cook. We are not joking! Some of us now opt for ordering Christmas Dinner from a local restaurant or café. We had no idea that these packages existed and they are brilliant. Everything arrives prepared and ready to heat. The meat, sides, desserts and all the trimmings. It has been a game-changer.
  • Less is more. Rather than the 8 vegetables you do every year why not pick the three most popular and do them well (no pressure). Nobody will miss a thing and it'll involve less cost, less washing up and let's be honest – less waste.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Use these weeks to do things like blitzing the bread crumbs for the stuffing. They'll happily live in the freezer until you need them. You can also make desserts and some sides ahead of time so that Christmas Day doesn't involve a day in the kitchen.
  • Take short-cuts where needed. Nobody will judge you for pre-made potato gratin or gravy granules. Life is too short.
  • Do it your way! Make your own rules and have dinner at whatever time suits your family. Heck, don't even make a Turkey if nobody seems to enjoy it. So much of our stress is self-inflicted.
  • Kit out your kitchen with things that will take some of the stress away. It's time to pick up the Apron you've been meaning to get and treat yourself to a bigger roasting dish if it will make life easier for you on the day.
  • Take the help that's offered. Don't be proud. Nobody loves a martyr. Let them chop, peel and stir if it'll lighten the load.
  • Free up space in the fridge. It's something we always forget but it's the one time where you really could do with the space. Remove items that don't need to be there and try use up what's there in the days leading up to Christmas Day. 

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