Children’s Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Helping Your Kids Know The Expectations For This Job!

Children’s Bedroom Cleaning Checklist
If you are having a problem with untidy kids bedrooms in your home, then a children’s bedroom cleaning checklist can help solve the problem.
In our home, I try to get my kids help around the house with some jobs and chores- some with my help and others independently.
The one’s that they worked on independently (like tidying their bedroom) where not going so well and it was then that I had my light bulb moment and realised they didn't know my expectations for keeping their room clean, since I've never actually told them. Okey Dokey! So, the kids bedroom checklist was thus born.
There’s lot of advantages to making a checklist. It is a way to tell your kids what your expectations are for what constitutes a clean room. Write it like a step by step guide, so they know what steps to take to get the job done (I sound like Bob The Builder!). I think half of the time kids don't know what to do next, and what things need to get done at all so the checklist will help.
Kids also like accreditation. They’ll like you to inspect their work. Using the checklist helps them know what you want, but also lets you run down the list when doing an "inspection" of their room, so make sure you give lots of praise for what they’ve done right.
Here’s a suggested check list to get you started, however do sit down with your children and think of your own unique and tailored list together, based on their bedroom problem areas, the layout of their room, and their age (older kids are capable of lots more whereas the little ones can only do so much and the below might be too much for them so take what you will from it) .
Suggested Checklist

The Daily List (this is one takes 10 minutes every day)

  • Make bed
  • Put dirty clothes in washing/laundry baskets
  • Put shoes away in the wardrobe / show box
  • If there is clean laundry left in your room, put it away carefully
  • Pick up anything off the floor that doesn’t below there
  • Put toys and books away in their correct homes
  • Tell Mam or Dad when you're done and we'll come and inspect!
The Weekly List (this one takes about 20 minutes and is done on a weekend day every week in our house)
  • Hoover your room
  • Empty your bin
  • Dust the furniture and window ledge
  • Tell Mam or Dad when you're done and we'll come and inspect!
By having a daily checklist and a weekly checklist it ensures that the task never gets too big and it instils a good habit and routine.
Hopefully these bedroom cleaning checklists helps, and makes the “chores wars” easier for you and your family!

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