An Irish Mum's Rites of Passage: These are the things we all go through!

Motherhood makes you do things you never thought you'd do, it makes you feel things you never thought you'd feel, and sometimes it just really blows your mind!

One Irish Mum’s Rites of Passage to Motherhood:
Motherhood makes you do things you never thought you'd do, it makes you feel things you never thought you'd feel, and sometimes it just really blows your mind!
  • You will be at an occasion where your child stuffs too much food in their mouth. They will either gag, spit of vomit it out and your bare hands will be there to catch it and fold it neatly into a napkin like no one is looking.
  • You will plan your road trips around nap times and if you are unfortunate enough to be on the road and your little people sleep you will use any means to wake them up; tickling, talking, taking teddy, turning music up, stopping the car or my personal favourite… opening the car window and giving them a nice little blast of fresh air. They love it!
  • You will try to be down with your kids, and attempt all sorts of kiddie activities like, swinging on swings, jumping on bouncy castles and trampolines, heck you will even sleigh down the snowy hills in winter just to prove you can. Who cares about your back after child bearing???
  • You will find you actually have started to sound really like your own mum and notice how your friends sound like theirs. I sometimes find I sound like my father too. EEEEEEEP!!!
  • You will, eventually, if you have any sense, start wearing lower heels to occasions where you know you will be chasing your toddler all day.
  • You will start to refer to your partner as ‘mammy’ or ‘daddy when the kids are around, and sometimes even when they are not, and that is the oddest moment. You stand in the kitchen and realise you have just called your husband ‘daddy’ while asking if he’d like a cup of tea.
  • You will feel guilty ALWAYS and no matter what. That is all. 
  • You will go out for a meal with friends, and promise you will not talk about your respective kids, but you will inevitably end up talking about them, because quite frankly there is little else to talk about as they have become your actual life. 
  • You will use your kids, or your kids being sick, as an excuse to get out of something you do not want to do. 
  • You will probably let your kids watch TV, monitored of course. You might not allow you first child so much but you will pray they will watch a small bit if you add some more cubbies into the mix.
  • You will swear your daughter will NEVER wear pink or become a princess but she will because nobody told you she would have her own mind!! Who knew???
  • Your car will never be clean inside again, even though you ban food, drink and walking on seats. Stuff just falls off them in the car and sticks everywhere. 
  • You will go to bed exhausted and hoping to get a night’s sleep but will stay awake worrying if it will happen or not.
Oh the joys  x
Written by Sonja, staff writer with Family Friendly HQand mummy blogger too!
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